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Morning Dawg Chow (2/1/12)

Cleveland Browns:


  • "Bears say Forte will not hit free agency" (Pro Footall Talk) - Just in case you had your eyes set on Matt Forte in the event that Hillis walked, Bears President and CEO Ted Phillips did his best to shut the book on that possibility. "...We obviously will at least consider placing the franchise tag on him. We don’t have any intention of letting Matt hit the open market." Forte was the one of the few players that would not have bothered me replacing Hillis.
  • "Aaron Rodgers bummed by NFC's effort" ( - Today in rather pointless news Aaron Rodgers states the obvious, "I felt like some of the guys on the NFC side embarrassed themselves." He goes on, but it's not really news to the fans. We know a lot of the players aren't trying. I'm surprised that this is new to Rodgers.
  • "Tom Brady not as great as advertised" ( - First, remember to consider the source, this did come out of after all. Rich Cimini attempts to make the case that Tom Brady is overrated. "That's right: Tom Brady, average." Well, I think his attempt is, that's right: below average.
  • Justin Tuck’s Nerves Had Him Throwing Up During The Super Bowl (Deadspin) - I figured that I should throw in at least one bit of Super Bowl related "news." Here, Deadspin transcribes an excellent radio interview between Justin Tuck and Mike Francesa of WFAN in New York. The last part serves as a reminder that NFL players are human too, albeit amusing sometimes. It really is a good interview.