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Filed under: Fantasy Playoff Challenge - Still Alive?

For those of you still alive in the Fantasy Playoff Challenge, how has your team been doing?

My team was finished as soon as Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers were eliminated from the playoffs. I ended up banking on a Patriots-Giants Super Bowl heading into the Conference Championships, so at least I will get "x2" for all of my players (and "x3" for two of those players). That should boost my final score to be moderately respectable, but still no where near the top.

The one I am excited about is my brother's team. He picked a Giants-Patriots Super Bowl from the very beginning, meaning he will have the all-important "x4" bonus for each player this Sunday. He currently sits in 3,955th place overall. Considering a bunch of the teams ahead of him had players from the Saints or other teams, his ranking can only move up. I'm not getting ready to pack my bags for next year's Super Bowl or anything, but just the thought of "being up there" is pretty exciting.

His team has been the following:

  • QB Eli Manning
  • RB Ahmad Bradshaw, RB Brandon Jacobs
  • WR Victor Cruz, WR Wes Welker
  • TE Rob Gronkowski
  • K Stephen Gostkowski
  • DEF Giants Defense

I'd say the key for my brother's team to really make a run at it (against teams who also picked at Pats-Giants Super Bowl) is for Cruz to outdo Hakeem Nicks, Wes Welker to actually get some production this postseason, and for either Bradshaw or Jacobs to have a big day.