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Latest SB Nation NFL Mock Draft: Browns Take Claiborne and Floyd

Early last week, SB Nation released the latest edition of their 2012 NFL Mock Draft, serving as their first mock draft of the year in which the exact order of the first round of the draft was known. Even though nothing really happened that should've changed the Browns' picks in a span of two weeks, that's exactly what did happen. In the previous mock draft, SB Nation has the Browns taking WR Justin Blackmon and QB Ryan Tannehill. This time, the picks were changed to CB Morris Claiborne and WR Michael Floyd. The explanations are after the jump.

4. Cleveland Browns, Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU

If Cleveland does keep this pick and Griffin is off the board, they have some choices to make. Trent Richardson or Justin Blackmon are both viable options here. But Claiborne upgrades what was already a solid defense, which should pay immediate dividends.

22. Cleveland Browns (from Atlanta), Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

Will the Browns really go into the 2012 season with Colt McCoy as their quarterback? Maybe not. Then again, maybe they wait a year to find McCoy's replacement, choosing instead to tweak around the edges of the roster in the hopes of being more competitive this season. Floyd would pair nicely with Greg Little, giving the Browns a legitimate top receiver.

If the Browns do go defense early on, it would seem like Claiborne is the likely pick. With all the needs this team has offensively though, I just don't see it happening with the risk that we don't get a highly-touted offensive prospect with our other first-round pick.

Side note: we'll be launching the sign ups for the 2012 Dawgs By Nature Community Mock Draft any day now. Don't make your reservations yet, but be on the looking some time in the coming week!