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Ben Watson: No Lingering Effects From Concussion

TE Ben Watson goes casual at the Super Bowl.
TE Ben Watson goes casual at the Super Bowl.

In an article that appeared in the Boston Herald on Sunday, Cleveland Browns tight end Benjamin Watson stated that he had no lingering effects from the concussion he suffered at the end of the season. He also stated that he was put on the injured reserve pretty quickly as a precaution, even though he could have returned.

"I’m great. Three or four days after the last incident, I felt normal. I past all my cognitive tests. I didn’t have any headaches. I didn’t have any nausea. I didn’t have any dizziness," he said. "With three games left, they just erred on the side of caution and decided to end the season for me. You hate for that to happen, but that’s why the doctors are in place. As far as lingering symptoms, I didn’t have anything. I know some guys have headaches for weeks. That wasn’t my scenario, thankfully. So hopefully, it was just a bad luck year."

In the article, Watson also comments on how tough it is to rebound from a Super Bowl loss as well as the dangers that modern-day tight ends face on any given snap compared to other players.