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PFF Ranks Hillis and Jackson Among Top 50 Free Agents

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Pro Football Focus had a team of their writers/analysts get together to compose a list of the top 50 free agents who should be hitting the market. It is worth noting that a few players, such as Drew Brees and Matt Forte, were left off the list since they are very likely to receive the franchise tag.

At the top of the list was Texans' outside pass rusher Mario Williams, who Bernie19Kosar just talked about Tuesday afternoon. How far down the list do you have to go to find a member of the Cleveland Browns? Not too far, as you'll find linebacker D'Qwell Jackson at No. 35 overall. Trailing a little bit behind him at No. 44 overall is running back Peyton Hillis. PFF's commentary on both players is listed after the jump.

35. D’Qwell Jackson, LB - There are some big concerns about Jackson, who missed nearly two years through injury. But as much as that, he’s a player who needs a defense built around him to take advantage of his tremendous ability to read and react to plays. Not a linebacker who does well when a lineman gets his hands on him.

44. Peyton Hillis, RB - There are some big question marks about Hillis, who really only has one good year under his belt. That year, where he ranked second in our running back rankings, is an indication of the kind of every-down back he is, but you’re always worried about him being something of a one-season wonder.

The good thing about not having too many players really high on the list? It means that if you so choose to, you can bring your key free agents back and go after some new players, rather than having to worry about keeping your own guys.

Shame on PFF for not putting the always-reliable Phil Dawson on the list, though. How many teams would love to have a kicker of his caliber?