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Freeman: Browns "Uncertain" on How to Handle Hillis

With the exception of Pete Prisco, I admittedly do not follow enough to know who their "insiders" are. I stumbled upon an article today by Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, who is listed as the network's "National NFL Insider." He went through ten bullet points on various NFL-related topics, and toward the end of the list, he had this nugget about Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis:

"The Cleveland Browns remain uncertain exactly how to handle running back Peyton Hillis. Some in the organization want to try and keep him, while others want to part ways and draft Alabama's Trent Richardson. I think the draft option will win out, but no one knows for certain just yet."

If there is a scenario the Browns can go wrong with over the next few months, this would be it. Not only do you fail to improve the quarterback or wide receiver position, all you accomplish is a swap at the position that had your best offensive player (not including linemen).