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Mayock: Do whatever it takes to get RG3

Mike Mayock, draft analyst for the NFL Network, held a media conference call Wednesday. He spoke on a wide variety of topics, but the most interesting to Cleveland Browns fans were those regarding Robert Griffin III. Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain Dealer has all of the detail, and Mayock sure goes into some detail, in an article here.

"As much as I like Colt McCoy, I still think they have to look to upgrade that position and I think they have to do whatever it takes to get there,'' said Mayock of grabbing Griffin. "If it's me, yeah, I'm looking at that real hard. I want to go get RG3.''

Mayock had this to say about what it might cost for the Browns to draft RG3:

"If you're talking purely draft, I'm looking to move up to No. 2 as opposed to No. 3, because if I move to three what if the Redskins come up to two? Obviously I'd like to give less -- I'd rather not give up No. 22 also -- but I think that's shortsighted when you're talking about trying to secure your future at the most important position in all of sports.''

Over the past several months, the idea of the Browns drafting Griffin has been growing on me more and more. Since about halfway through the season of watching the mess that was the Browns' offense, I've thought we needed a new quarterback. But even then, I remained pretty firm in my belief that we should draft the best prospect available at a position we need while retaining our early round picks, such as No. 22 and No. 37. However, all of the RG3 coverage over the past few weeks has been chipping away at that. Mayock's comments here were the straw that broke the camel's back, but in a good way. Our very own Bernie19Kosar has been saying it for quite a long time, now I'm finally ready to agree, 100 percent: Do whatever it takes to get RG3, even if that means giving up No. 22. Quarterback is what the Browns have been missing for too long. We are finally in a position to get one.

Mayock touches on several other aspects of RG3 and what he could mean for the Browns. I highly recommend reading the whole thing whether you're an RG3 doubter or have believed all along.