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DBN Mock Draft Sign Ups: Spots are Filled!

Update: All spots are filled, thanks!

We still have four spots left open for our community mock draft: the Colts, Texans, Cowboys, and Packers. I guess no one wants to make the first obvious pick of Andrew Luck! Remember, though, we are trying to do two rounds of this mock draft at least. Also, as it was pointed out, the Raiders don't have a pick during that span. If someone still wants to make the Raiders' first pick (we'll jump to the fifth round after the first two rounds, and you can make a pick), feel free to sign up for them. If no one is interested, we'll just skip them.

The list of the current team general managers are after the jump. Even though it went against what I initially said, I let rufio have the Browns because the "decision tree" of comments after that kind of reflected that scenario. If you'd like to sign up, leave a comment with the team you want. The rules are listed here. Remember to send me an e-mail if you haven't already with your preferred e-mail address. I did not hear from everyone yet.

NOTE: Once all the spots are filled, I will post another note on DBN and then we'll try to get this thing started ASAP.

Buffalo Bills (The New Kardiac Kids)
Miami Dolphins (gentryholdem)
New York Jets (Legoman0721)
New England Patriots (Boston Browns)

Cincinnati Bengals (Bernie19Kosar)
Cleveland Browns (rufio)
Baltimore Ravens (Ecwingen) - same team as 2011
Pittsburgh Steelers (rdy)

Indianapolis Colts (Ryno III)
Jacksonville Jaguars (Chalmdeezy)
Houston Texans (troy145)
Tennessee Titans (iwearmocs) - same team as 2011

Denver Broncos (notthatnoise)
San Diego Chargers (Adrock2099)
Kansas City Chiefs (Brownie's Year)
Oakland Raiders (J.W.) - if necessary

Dallas Cowboys (bross09)
Philadelphia Eagles (PaduaDSP)
New York Giants (Red-Right-88) - same team as 2011
Washington Redskins (Groza)

Chicago Bears (OrangeAndBrownFever)
Detroit Lions (nickmar19)
Green Bay Packers (ScottJC)
Minnesota Vikings (pt_999)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Rounds94)
Atlanta Falcons (The Licensed Optimist)
Carolina Panthers (nickjs21)
New Orleans Saints (macdowellm03)

Arizona Cardinals (Browns town) - same team as 2011
San Francisco 49ers (-bobby-)
St. Louis Rams (Special Brownie)
Seattle Seahawks (Jon @ DBN)