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Why Browns fans should root for the New England Patriots

Yesterday I went over some of the reasons that Browns fans should root for the New York Giants. The hope was that it might make the game more exciting if you’re adamant about a particular team winning. It was clear from that thread, not everyone is capable of being a Giants fan, which is understandable. As fans we all have our various reasons for despising certain teams. That’s why today I’m going to cover some of the reasons for Browns fans to root for New England Patriots.

-You Bet Money on them

There are not a lot of things that are more motivating than money, especially in the world of sports gambling. Now, I can’t be sure why anyone would bet on the Patriots with the point spread at -3, but perhaps with all the action on Giants, some are looking to go against the grain. Maybe you think the Vegas sports books have it right favoring the Patriots even with Gronkowski’s ankle injury. I did notice at least one lowered the line to -2.5, which could be just the half point you were looking for.

The other factor with the Super Bowl and gambling are the 100-square betting pools. These are extremely popular at places of work and Super Bowl parties all over the nation. You might just end up with the squares that will only pay out if the Patriots have a higher corresponding point total at the time, or even a lower end Giants square. Though, it’s usually decided at random and pays out based on the last digit of the teams’ score. Still, if you have a square in the Patriots-9/Giants-0 and the Patriots are leading the game 12 to 10, odds are (no pun intended) that you’ll be enthusiastically rooting for New England to score one more touchdown.

-Julian Edelman

I’m neutral when it comes to Kent State, but I still really like Julian Edelman. This kid came into the league after playing quarterback for the Golden Flashes. When drafted by the New England Patriots in the final round some analysts thought it was for a potential Wildcat formation. Instead, they converted him to a wide receiver with duties as a returner as well. In his first two years he actual performed alright returning punts, but had a diminishing role in the offense. Then in 2011, after some big injuries to the Patriots’ secondary, Edelman converted to another position. He started playing cornerback. By the time the AFC Championship came around, he had a role on both sides of the ball. In that game he played 27 of 67 snaps on offense and 27 of 73 snaps on defense. He was even credited with forcing a fumble on the Ravens’ final drive. There’s really not much more you could ask of this former college quarterback turned WR/CB seventh round pick.

-The AFC

If a Browns fan wants to root for the AFC just because the Browns are in the AFC, I’m not going to stop them. I know the two obvious exceptions to this are the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. Though I did find an interesting fact: Outside of the New England Patriots, the only AFC team to win a Super Bowl not named Steelers, Ravens, or Broncos (all of which Browns fans are likely to despise), was the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLI, 2007. Prior to that, if you don’t like the Patriots you have to go all the way back nearly 30 years to Super Bowl XVIII in 1984, which was won by the Los Angeles Raiders. If you loathe the Raiders as well for whatever reason, go back another 10 years to Super Bowl VIII in 1974, which was won by the Miami Dolphins.

Personally, I’ve never been all that attached to the AFC other than the Cleveland Browns. I think there are just too many teams in the conference that I’m not fond of. That’s just one more reason, come Sunday, I’ll have no problem rooting for the New York Giants.