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Dear Mary Kay Cabot,

I have made my feelings on Tony Grossi pretty well known. But I have to give him credit. The only thing he did better than apply tanning cream, was keep that traitor Art Modell out of the Hall of Fame. Now, with last week's announcement that you would be replacing Grossi as one of the 44 voters for the Hall of Fame, it's time we had a talk.

I know that Modell wasn't a semi-finalist for the HOF in '12. The fact that he has been in the past makes you believe that his chances of getting in are growing slimmer every season.

Don't be fooled.

Time heals all wounds. That is how the national guys will start to see it. Especially if Modell's health begins to falter. After all, the man is 86 years old. Some people will start to rally around the old turd. "Get him in while he is still alive!" they'll say. Hell, Peter King, who has a vote for the Hall of Fame, has already been on record as saying the Browns move was as much the fault of the city of Cleveland as it was Modell's. The fact that someone who has a HOF vote can pervert a situation that badly makes me scared.

I don't wish death on the old man. I'll leave that for someone else, but this country loves the redemption story. This country almost put Mike Vick on the cover of Madden a year after being the most hated human on earth. You really think people won't see an old man just wanting to go out on top?

This is on you. You have to be the one who reminds the voters that Modell was a snake, a liar, a slumlord and above all else, a greedy bastard that cared about no one but himself.

No matter what dumb shit Art pulled, his fans were right there to back him up. He owned the worst stadium in the league. He didn't even replace broken windows. He never fixed shit. Yet we loved it. We paid through the nose to sit in the freezing temperature just to root on our Browns. But the first chance he got, he stabbed us in the back.

Maybe I'm weird, but I feel like the Hall of Fame belongs to the Browns. It's in our backyard. The rest of the NFL can claim to be part of the Hall of Fame, but they have to come into our yard to see it. For three years the Hall of Fame was the closest we came to having football.

That asshole Art Modell took our team. Don't let him walk back into our yard to have the football world kiss his ring. He doesn't deserve that.

Mary Kay Cabot please do the right thing. Stand on the table and make sure that Art Modell never sees the inside of the Hall of Fame without a ticket.

-Signed, Browns fans everywhere.