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Brady Quinn: Cleveland Browns New Back-up?

Party like it's 2007 people.

I expect/hope that the Browns will be moving up to the number two slot in order to select Robert Griffin III. But what I am thinking is for the future. I like Colt McCoy as a back-up, and Thaddeus Lewis is a project.

So why the hell would the Browns sign Brady Quinn?

Because you always gamble on talent. It's the same reason that I wanted us to sign Jamarcus Russell, and trade the farm for Jay Cutler. I know that Quinn didn't set the world on fire while he was here in Cleveland, but I lay a lot of that blame at the feet of how he was handled.

So why sign Quinn? Why not roll the dice on Lewis or some other late round project?

Because he would be cheap. He is young. He is talented. What is the downside in that?

This is my line of thinking: The Browns bring in Quinn, let him "compete" with Colt and RG3 for the starting job. Assuming RG3 Wins the job, then it comes down to Colt vs. Quinn for the back-up job. If Quinn wins it, great. If he loses, no big deal, at least we know that Colt is better than Quinn.

It's all about adding depth and talent to the Quarterback position.

Let's be real here. 73 different Quarterbacks threw a pass in a regular season game last season. At some point in time, the Browns will need someone to fill in for the starter. I don't care if it is Colt or Quinn, but whoever it is, I want them to do well if they are called upon. Two reasons: I want the Browns to win, and I want to trade a QB as soon as we can get something in value.

Brady Quinn will allow the Browns to move a backup if they play well. Without the "safety net" of McCoy/Quinn, I would not feel comfortable trading our back-up if they play well.

If Brady Quinn is exactly what most here think he is, then we cut him and replace him with another project. But he is worth bringing him in for a look.