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Peyton Hillis Seeking a New Agent; Will it Help a Deal Get Done?

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As a few of you have discussed already, reports came in earlier that running back Peyton Hillis is seeking a new agent. The news was first tweeted by Josina Anderson of ESPN, and it appears as though it has since been confirmed. It'd hard to say who is to blame, but Hillis has definitely had issues keeping the same agent. This will be his third agent in a year.

Last season, Hillis' agent was Kennard McGuire, who made headlines for his discussions with the media when his client had strep throat back in Week 3. McGuire had advised Hillis not to play, but with how he worded his comments, it contributed to the media jumping on Hillis' back the majority of the season.

Reports came in the other day that the Browns were offering Hillis a three-year deal worth $10 million. That seemed to be a lower offer than was being made during the regular season. It is unclear if Hillis firing his agent will help our negate his chances of being a member of the Browns next year. Either Hillis didn't like the deal and fired his agent, or his agent advised him not to sign and Hillis had had enough. Only time will tell.

Per Anderson, general manager Tom Heckert still wants to bring Hillis back:

Browns GM Tom Heckert on RB Peyton Hillis: "If we can work something out with Peyton (Hillis) we will. Did he have some rough patches during the season? Yes. Were there stretches where things were blown out of proportion? Yes. Honestly, I feel like a lot of that was blown up in the media. Now, of course things will still come down to the money, but we'll just have to wait and see."

Unforunately, I think it's an issue of Hillis not being happy with the Browns' offer, probably due to the reported low amount of guaranteed money. Let the rumor mill begin.