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Morning Dawg Chow (2/3/12)

Cleveland Browns:


  • "Sources: QB Peyton Manning cleared (ESPN) - There were some speculating that Peyton Manning would never play again due to his health concerns. If these sources turn out to be right, he probably won't retire because he's physically unable to play. I still don't expect this to force Irsay to expedite his decision.
  • "Andrew Luck hoping to play right away in NFL" (Associated Press) - If you combine this with the news above, you might get the idea that Luck and Manning aren't destined to be on the same team together. In all honesty, I'm sure every single rookie coming in the league wants to play right away, and this really shouldn't be surprising to anyone.
  • "JPP: Tom Brady felt phantom pressure" (ESPN) - Apparently, Jason Pierre-Paul doesn't mind throwing fuel on the figurative fire of the Patriots just one bit. Seriously, I think the vets on the Giants might want to talk to JPP about giving the opposing team any extra motivation before the biggest game of his life.
  • "Ailing Gronkowski returns to Patriots practice" (Yahoo! Sports) - Gronk-Watch won't officially end up until kick off on Sunday. His fellow Patriot TE Aaron Hernandez seems very confident about Gronkowski's status, "I know he’s going to be ready ... He got a little sprain and he’s fine." Is this the most talked about "little sprain" in history?
  • "Jim Irsay’s tweet casts doubt on Peyton Manning’s future with the Colts" (Shutdown Corner) - Do you remember how you heard that Peyton Manning was cleared to play? Well, he hasn't passed Jim Irsay's physical nor has he been cleared to play for Jim Irsay's Colts. A team statement is to be made today.