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Brian Daboll is the Chiefs New Offensive Coordinator

I really don't get it, but Brian Daboll has once again found another team to be the offensive coordinator for. This time, he is joining former Browns head coach Romeo Crennel with the Kansas City Chiefs. From 2009-2010, Daboll got his first gig as an offensive coordinator with the Browns under Eric Mangini. Once Mangini and his staff were not retained, Daboll kept the same role with the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins finished the season pretty strong with some solid efforts by Matt Moore and Reggie Bush, and I admittedly don't have enough knowledge of whether Daboll improved in his third year as a playcaller. During the regular season, the Dolphins ranked 22nd in the league on offense (11th in rushing, 23rd in passing, 20th in points). Miami chose to fire Tony Sporano though, and with the hiring of Joe Philbin as the team's new head coach, the Dolphins had the option of finding a new offensive coordinator. They decided to go that route, hiring Mike Sherman.

I think I'm just surprised that when you have new head coaches who are receiving opportunities, it surprises me that a guy like Daboll (who did not go over very well in his two years here) can retain such a high position for three different teams in three years. Heck, with that honor, you'd almost think that he's in line to be a head coach somewhere in the future.

Crennel and Daboll share a connection from the time they spent in New England together. This will also be the third time that Daboll has basically taken over a "struggling" offense with a quarterback controversy.

In an approval poll over at Arrowhead Pride, Chiefs fans don't seem to hot on the hiring (at least, not as hot as Browns fans were on getting Brad Childress). As of this post, 19% approve of the hiring, 36% do not approve, and 43% are undecided.