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The Day After: Super Bowl Reactions from Our Partner Sites

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It is the day after Super Bowl XLVI, and our friends over at Pats Pulpit and Big Blue View have had a little bit of time to reflect on the outcome of the game. Here is a sample of some of their reactions:

Okay, we all know that Wes Welker should have caught that 4th quarter throw from quarterback Tom Brady that would have put the Patriots at the Giants' 20 with a two point lead and less than four minutes to play. But Welker's drop isn't the "reason" the Patriots lost. Yeah, that play is going to be tough to watch for a very long time, but the Patriots had plenty of other opportunities.

When I look back at Super Bowl XLVI, I'm going to see a game of missed opportunities. The defense was great at keeping points off the field for about 57 minutes. However, they let three fumbles hit the ground and didn't recover one. They had a turnover called back by a ridiculously bone-headed 12 men on the field penalty. They missed a couple of opportunities at interceptions. They could have made a stop on the Giants final drive... they didn't.

-Greg Knopping, Pats Pulpit, on not wanting to blame Wes Welker for the loss. [Read More]

There was mistakes, on both sides of the ball and field. There were many highlights to match. A game that I predicted to be a run away for the Giants, turned into another nail biter that left all of America on the edge of its seat.

The Big Blue defense scored the first points of the game and they were responsible for stopping the last points. They did so in high fashion. It was another fairy tale season. Once again, the New York Giants organization taught us that anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Eli proved that he is, indeed, elite. Tom Coughlin proved that he is one of the best coaches in NFL history. The 2011 New York Giants proved that they were absolutely, unequivocally, all in! Congratulations to the New York Giants and all of it's fans.

-Ed Valentine, Big Blue View, on how thrilled he is that the Giants prevailed. [Read More]

SB Nation also has a Storystream full of all the news you need to regarding the aftermath of the game, including coaches reactions and more.