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2013 Super Bowl Odds: What are the Browns' Chances?

Super Bowl 2013 = Cleveland Browns?
Super Bowl 2013 = Cleveland Browns?

Just as one season ends, the odds for who will win next year's Super Bowl are unveiled. Who are the early favorites? That would be the Green Bay Packers (6/1) and the New England Patriots (7/1), the same two teams who were the favorites heading into the 2011-2012 season. The Giants, meanwhile, are eighth on the list with 15/1 odds. Talk about not getting any respect after winning it twice in four years!

Last year, the Cleveland Browns were 60/1 odds for the Super Bowl. Did they place any better with this year's odds? The odds for the AFC North are listed after the jump.

Well, at least you're going to get rich if you bet on the Browns!

Related to odds, here are some of the interesting prop bet results from this past Sunday's game, courtesy of Bovada:


-National Anthem over 1 minute 34 seconds

-Kelly Clarkson wore "Anything else"

-Kelly Clarkson Belly was not showing

-Kelly Clarkson did not forget or omit a word

-Madonna’s Hair was blonde

-Madonna did wear fishnets

-Madonna did wear a hat

-Madonna did not wear an NFL Shirt or Jersey

-Peyton Manning was shown on TV under 3.5 times

-Giselle Bundchen was shown on TV over 0.5 times

-Andrew Luck was not mentioned at all

-Jim Irsay was not mentioned at all

-Mitt Romney was not shown

-Robert Kraft was shown over 3.5 times

-Tom Brady’s son was not shown at all so all wagers were refunded

-Gatorade shower was purple. Purple was not an option so all wagers were refunded

-MVP did not thank anyone