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Morning Dawg Chow (2/7/12)

Cleveland Browns:

  • "Cleveland City Council OKs $5.8 million for stadium repairs" (Plain Dealer) - When the story first broke that the Browns were seeking an advance to the amount of nearly $6 million, there was quite a bit of back lash. Cleveland City Council eventually approved of the money for repairs to the stadium.
  • "Mario Manningham is exactly the type of WR the Cleveland Browns need" (SBTV) - This comes in the form of a short video. Starting Blocks TV talked with Mary Kay Cabot about whether or not she thinks the Browns will have an interest in pursuing Mario Manningham. Personally, I don't share as big an enthusiasm for Manningham. I think there are better free agent receivers to target this offseason.
  • "Robert Griffin III aiming to go No. 1 overall" (AFC North Blog) - Robert Griffin III made an appearance on Mike and Mike in the Morning and the discussion was really interesting. He talks about how he wouldn't mind sitting for a year behind an entrenched QB and a willingness to play anywhere. If Irsay decides to keep Peyton Manning, the Colts may now be more willing to trade down and take RG3. I think the bidding on Andrew Luck would be hectic to say the least.