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Poll: Which Non-Playoff AFC and NFC Team Have the Best Chance Next Season?

Here is a hypothetical question that you can respond to in the comments section: out of those teams that did not make the playoffs this season, which AFC team and which NFC team have the best chance at making the Super Bowl next season?

AFC Pick: As much as I would like to say the Indianapolis Colts, so much has gone on with that team that it's impossible to get a clear picture of what type of team they'll be next season. The New York Jets will probably receive a confident proclamation from Rex Ryan, but until they move on from Mark Sanchez, they aren't going anywhere. There are several other teams I could dismiss, but here's the one I'll pick: the San Diego Chargers. I don't know what was with them this past year; they should have easily run away with the division. They are always an inconsistent team, but I still think they have a few of the elite players necessary to make a run. Once they get in to the postseason, they can frustrate a team like the Patriots.

NFC Pick: The Chicago Bears got off to a great run this past season, but I just get the hunch that they are too dependent on a couple of star players, each of whom could be injury prone for the foreseeable future. The Philadelphia Eagles' defensive train wreck can't be fixed in one offseason, and neither can DeSean Jackson's attitude. The Arizona Cardinals are a team that could make that leap if they acquired Peyton Manning, but I don't see it happening. My wildcard pick here is going to be the Carolina Panthers. That offense was amazing this past season, and if they score some more defensive studs this offseason, I think they overtake Atlanta in the division and can shoot out teams in the postseason.

Note, this post doesn't mean that I think the Chargers will face the Panthers in next year's Super Bowl. Out of the teams who missed the postseason this year though, I think each of them make a big jump next year.