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Daboll Says He Has a Good Relationship With McCoy


Last offseason, an article from Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports published an article about how Brian Daboll would mistreat and berate quarterback Colt McCoy back in his rookie season. In an interview with the official Kansas City Chiefs website (Daboll is the Chiefs' new offensive coordinator), he was asked about the article and his relationship with McCoy.

Q: In the last week, we’ve talked to a lot of people in Cleveland and Miami in the media that worked with you, and really high reviews from a lot of the local people. However, when you Google Brian Daboll, one of the first things that comes up is a Mike Silver article about harsh treatment of Colt McCoy. Can you maybe talk about your relationship with Colt and if the article was fair and if so, why there was that dynamic?

DABOLL: "The relationship with most of the players that I’ve coached, I have a very, very good relationship. Colt and I have a good relationship. It’s not a bad relationship. I think there are certain times when you’re a coach and sometimes emotion can get to you that maybe you step back and say, ‘Boy, I would rather have handled it that way rather than this way,’ but I think the job as a coach is to tell the players what to do, show them how to do it and really not accept any excuses. It’s an emotional game, and just like certain things in my life, not just football, some things I wish I would have done differently here and there, but I have a lot of respect for Colt as well as the other guys that I’ve coached. I’m a high energy, up-tempo guy. I expect perfection. I know that’s not possible all the time, but I think we need to all hold ourselves to a high standard of really setting the tone and expecting the highest detail and the highest execution from all of ourselves."


Interesting that Daboll had an opportunity to outright dismiss the article, but instead almost seemed to admit to the accusations by speaking how emotions get in the way. Also, Colt doesn't seem to qualify as one of the players Daboll has a "very, very good" relationship with; he only has a "good" relationship with him. I'd hate to see how he'd treat a player he had a "bad" relationship with.