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Man The F' Up

Everyone gotten the piss and vinegar out of their system? If you haven't, stop by the Glazer-RG3 thread and let it out. You will feel better. Trust me. I threatened to defecate on DBN members lawns and I'm pretty sure I have to stay 500 feet from Mike Shanahan after speaking to my lawyer.

Doesn't matter. I needed to vent. You probably need to as well. Do it. Get it out. Because from this point going forward, we don't need that. We look forward.

Now, we figure shit out. We got this. We have a front office that actually knows how to pick good players. We have a defense that was top ten last season. We have a ton of picks this season because Atlanta fell in love with an injury prone WR. We got this.

Shit never goes according to plan. At some point in time, someone/something is going to go hay-wire. Losers don't adapt. They whine about curses or how teams are out to screw them. Winners pick up the pieces, turn it into a shiv and shank the fools that wronged them.

You want to be a loser? Head over to or

Open this link in another tab and start laying out the plan. We got this.

1. Don't panic at QB. We haven't done it before, don't start now. Let McCoy go for another season. If he sucks, great. If he doesn't even better. The worst thing we can do is panic.

2. Find someone to trade down. We need ammo.

3. BPA, BPA, BPA. If we are stuck at 4, fine. If the BPA is Blackmon, cool. If it isn't, cool. In fact, I like the idea of adding to the defense. Too bad Coples hates football. Try and see if the Rams want Blackmon, pick up an extra pick and take Ingram at 6.

4. Don't take Richardson.

5. Profit.

We got this.