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Browns 2012 NFL Draft: Operation Defense

A new possible Cleveland Brown?  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
A new possible Cleveland Brown? (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I have a plan. May not be a good one, but it is a plan.

Not going to lie, it will not make some people happy, but at least it is a starting point. We know who we aren't getting in the draft (Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Matt Kalil).

With this layout, the Browns address some needs this season, and lay the foundation for what we will need to do in the future. Don't get me wrong, I want to fix the QB position ASAP, but right now, we don't have a suitable option. So we adjust and make our play.

1. Do not sign Matt Flynn

Would be a panic move. I don't think Flynn is a step-up from McCoy and I don't see him as a Super Bowl winning Quarterback. Let Flynn go to the Seahawks.

1A. Don't draft Trent Richardson

If I need to explain this, welcome to DBN!

2. Explore any and all trade downs to the 6-15 range

Anything we can add in future drafts here is a plus. Who wants Blackmon? Who wants Claiborne? Hello Cowboys, looking at you! I would like to stay in the top half of the draft, but if we don't that is okay as well.

Get what we can from a team wanting to make a splash. If we have a choice between a pick this year or next, take it next season. First it will probably be more valuable (long-term), and plus we need the ammo for later.

3. When we have to pick early, go defense

I know. If I would have said this two days ago, I would have jumped all over me and called me an idiot. But things have changed and there is a method to this madness. For example, let's say Dallas wants Claiborne. We get the 14th pick, plus picks in 2013.

At 14, we take Melvin Ingram. He can play opposite of Jabaal Sheard, giving us a young pass rusher that fits right in for what we need.

When 22 rolls around, we take DE Nick Perry from USC. It sounds stupid until you hear the rest of my plan. This is another pass rusher that we can rotate in and out. The Giants just showed us that you need more than 4 guys who can get to the passer. Plus, anyone else like the idea of moving Ingram inside on passing downs and going with Sheard, Ingram, Perry and Bernard on 3rd and long?

Second round comes around, we grab either OLB Zach Brown from UNC or OLB Lavonte David from Nebraska as a WLB. We allow them to run around and make plays while DQ cleans up the trash and Gocong fills holes. If neither of them are there, we take the highest rated DT or secondary player. If a Brockers or Still somehow slides this far, that would be fantastic value.

In two rounds, you have turned the front 7 into one of the leagues, youngest, fastest, most athletic units in the league. Sure we didn't address the offensive side of the ball, but we're not done.

When round three comes around, start grabbing BPA. Look for some offensive positions like RB and WR, but stay true to what the FO thinks are the BPA. If it is another DE, oh well. Take the Best Player Available, even if it is a Center.

Where this will leave us:

We use free agency to dig around and look for some cheap upgrades. Grabbing a RT will be needed, but that shouldn't be too hard to find.

We go into next season with Colt McCoy as the starter. He has a full off-season to work with Little and the gang. I fully expect him to be no better than he was this season, but that is part of the plan.

We will lose a lot of games 10-3. Heck we may even score a TD here and there, but make no mistake, we won't be a very good offensive football team, which means we won't be good. That will put us back towards the top of the draft next season with extra picks.

I hate the idea of being a bad football team next season, but we can fix a major part of this team if we focus on it solely. Plus it would give our team some sort of identity. We would still need a Quarterback, but it will be a lot easier to swallow giving up a ton of picks if we have a rock solid defense.

Not getting RG3 doesn't mean we can't make an impact with this draft, it just means we can't make an impact at Quarterback. So let's make an impact on the defensive side. Anyone else like the idea of beating the hell out of opposing Quarterbacks for 16 games?