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DBN All-Time Browns Bracket: Selection Sunday


Dawgs By Nature is holding a tournament throughout March to determine the greatest Cleveland Browns ever. It'll continue to be madness. The winners of each round will be chosen by you. We're calling it the DBN All-Time Browns Bracket.

Last week you nominated and ranked more than 90 competitors, ranging from former Browns players, coaches and even fan communities. After the numbers were crunched, and some bracketology was applied, we were able to narrow the field down to 64 contenders and seed them accordingly. Of course, inevitably there were going to have to be some snubs. There are always those on the outside looking in, and you might think, "Well this snub better than that 16 seed..." ect. There were a handful of automatic qualifiers nominated by guys that forced some of the people on the bubble out of the field. You can debate the results and make your predictions in this thread as the DBN All-Time Browns Bracket is revealed. Voting for the first round will being soon.

Check out the printable bracket after the jump.

Click the image below to view it in full size.


Coach Collier Division

  1. Jim Brown
  2. Clay Matthews
  3. Joe Thomas
  4. Dante Lavelli
  5. Doug Dieken
  6. Bobby Mitchell
  7. Jim Donovan
  8. Michael Dean Perry
  9. Chip Banks
  10. Don Cockroft
  11. Leroy Hoard
  12. Dick Schafrath
  13. Bob Golic
  14. Blanton Collier
  15. Vince Costello
  16. Lawrence Vickers

Coach Schottenheimer Division

  1. Otto Graham
  2. Bernie Kosar
  3. Leroy Kelly
  4. Hanford Dixon
  5. Gene Hickerson
  6. Earnest Byner
  7. Joe Delamielleure
  8. Eric Turner
  9. Josh Cribbs
  10. Len Ford
  11. Mike Pruitt
  12. Jerry Sherk
  13. Dub Jones
  14. Marty Schottenheimer
  15. Cody Risien
  16. Anthony Pleasant

Coach Brown Division

  1. Paul Brown
  2. Lou Groza
  3. Brian Sipe
  4. The Cleveland Browns Fans
  5. Eric Metcalf
  6. Kevin Mack
  7. Greg Pruitt
  8. Mac Speedie
  9. Gary Collins
  10. Thom Darden
  11. Frank Gatski
  12. Brian Brennan
  13. Alex Mack
  14. The Dawg Pound
  15. Bob Gain
  16. Dave Logan

Coach Rutigliano Division

  1. Ozzie Newsome
  2. Paul Warfield
  3. Marion Motley
  4. Frank Minnifield
  5. Phil Dawson
  6. Webster Slaughter
  7. Bill Willis
  8. Frank Ryan
  9. Ray Renfro
  10. Mike McCormack
  11. Joe Haden
  12. Dawgs By Nature
  13. D’Qwell Jackson
  14. Sam Rutigliano
  15. Jim Houston
  16. Tom DeLeone