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DBN Mock Re-Draft - Update Your Picks

Since we are only ten picks into the DBN Community Mock Draft, in light of the Washington/St. Louis trade that has a major impact on the draft, we are going to attempt a rapid-fire re-draft for picks 2-10. Do not e-mail me your picks; just post your pick as a comment. If you have time to include analysis at the time of your comment, that is great. If not, just get your pick in only so that others can proceed with your picks. I will retroactively go back and update all old posts as needed (with a disclaimer noting the change).

We'll start with SpecialBrownie at No. 2 for the Redskins, who needs to make a new pick. SB, you are kind of "forced" to pick a certain player in a way, because it goes against any common sense for the Redskins to trade as much as they did only to pick somebody else. Sorry to limit your options!

Then, we'll follow with everyone who picked after that. If you would like your pick to remain the same (assuming no one ahead of you took them), please state so. I know this is short time, but it'd be great to get everyone on board for this within the next 24-48 hours!