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Cabot: RB Peyton Hillis to Visit With Chiefs

According to a tweet by Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer, free agent running back Peyton Hillis has scheduled a visit with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have been quite busy in the early stages of free agency, in terms of scheduling meetings with players. The word is that Kansas City will also meet with running back Mike Tolbert, right tackle Eric Winston, and tight end John Carlson.

I have made no secret that I think it is very important that the Cleveland Browns find a way to retain Hillis, but his visit with Kansas City is a little concerning. Why? Because it kind of makes sense for Hillis -- Brian Daboll is the Chiefs' new offensive coordinator, and he was the guy who was paired with Hillis during his solid 2010 campaign. Of course, this could also be Daboll doing a favor for an old player, helping to pad the interest that is actually out there for Hillis. We shall see.