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Report: Browns Are No Longer In Flynn Derby

According to Mary Kay Cabot, the Browns are no longer in the Matt Flynn business.

BREAKING: #Browns have not pursued GB QB Matt Flynn and reports that they're set to make offer untrue, league source tells PD.

So, where does this leave the Browns? I am guessing, this is just from me, no sources or anything like that, that the Browns have gotten some news from Arizona on the Peyton Manning-Kevin Kolb situation.

I know Kevin Kolb doesn't get many people excited, but this front office likes him, and drafted him. If we could get him cheap, I think the Browns would be buyers. Judging off his performance in Arizona, I don't think cheap would be a problem.

If Kolb stays in Arizona however, the Browns will only have the 2012 NFL Draft to really look for an upgrade of McCoy, unless we are talking a Kyle Orton type move.

Buckle up fellas, its about to get very interesting for the Browns.