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DBN All-Time Browns Bracket: Round One


Dawgs By Nature is holding a tournament throughout March to determine the greatest Cleveland Browns ever. It'll continue to be madness. The winners of each round will be chosen by you. We're calling it the DBN All-Time Browns Bracket.

The first round of voting begins now and will continue for a few days, after which we will immidiately move on to Round Two.

I think one of the most compelling head-to-heads in the round of 64, of which there are plenty, is between 6. Webster Slaughter and 11. Joe Haden in the Coach Rutigliano Division. This matchup offers us that sort of old school vs. new school rivalry. While I do think Slaughter should be on upset alert, I don't think taking him down will be an easy task for Haden. Of course, the deciding factor is you! Your votes will determine the winners. So which is it, old school or new school?

You can vote on each of the 32 first round matchups after the jump.