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DE Frostee Rucker given 'keys to the car' by Browns

The newest member of the Cleveland Browns, defensive end Frostee Rucker held a press conference with his agent, Jim Gould via conference call. Rucker discussed a wide variety of topic including why he chose the Browns and how much of an impact he thinks he can have on this defense.

On what made him decide to sign in Cleveland:

"This was a no brainer. When I got in town, the organization and how it’s built and all the coaches that are on that staff and what they are trying to get to and the goals they are trying to reach, it was a no brainer. I want to be a part of something on the rise."

On how much playing time factored into his decision:

"It was a big factor in it. The thing we had going on in Cincinnati worked. As a player I have been waiting for the opportunity just to have more on my plate. A lot of people have already had their time and I just felt like it was my time to take control of it."

On whether or not he expects to be the starting right defensive end:

"They approached it with pretty much giving me the keys to the car and telling me that I’m the starting right end. I will probably be the oldest one on the line there and I want to help mature some of the younger guys."

I think these two things are very important to note. If the Browns' front office is committing this much time, effort, and money into signing a defensive end and essentially promising him the starting role on the right side, can we still expect them to pick a defensive lineman in the first or second round of the draft?

On how much he thinks he can help the Browns' run defense:

"I am a disciplined player…read you keys and be in the right position at the right time. It’s been trained and focused on for so many years that’s just what I’m bred to do. That’s one of the things I can help with."

For the more of the transcript from the conference call, check out Will Burge's Free Agent Blog on