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DBN All-Time Browns Bracket: Round Two


Dawgs By Nature is holding a tournament throughout March to determine the greatest Cleveland Browns ever. It'll continue to be madness. The winners of each round will be chosen by you. We're calling it the DBN All-Time Browns Bracket.

The second round of voting begins now and will continue for a few days, after which we will immediately move on to the Sweet 16.

There were only two upsets in Round One and they were both 9. seeds over 8. seeds, with Josh Cribbs and Gary Collins both advancing. But, this should be where things start to get really interesting. After an extremely close match with Don Cockroft, three-time Emmy Award winning radio voice of the Browns Jim Donovan advances to take on three-time All-Pro linebacker Clay Matthews, which is sure to be even tougher in the Coach Collier Division. The 4. verses 5. seed head-to-head matchups should also be interesting.

You can vote on Round Two after the jump.