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Daily Dawg Chow (3/20/12)


Cleveland Browns:


  • "Minus Mendenhall, Do Steelers Have Enough RBs?" (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) - "It’s possible Mendenhall may have had his last carry with the Steelers. Sources told me that the Steelers will not count on Mendenhall returning to form until at least the 2013 season, and his contract with the Steelers will have expired by then."
  • "AFC West should fear Broncos" (ESPN) - "Peyton Manning has been used to dominating the AFC South. Now that he has agreed to join the Denver Broncos, he can take control of the AFC West. With Hall of Famer John Elway guiding Manning through his mid-30s, they can work together to keep the Broncos ahead of the Chargers, Chiefs and Raiders."
  • "Alex Smith appears to still be San Francisco’s guy" (AP via Yahoo! Sports) - "Last spring during the NFL lockout, Jim Harbaugh handed over his playbook in good faith to quarterback Alex Smith as a commitment that the 49ers planned to bring him back. Harbaugh turned Smith into a steady winner at last, a playmaker and playoff star."
  • "David Garrard signs with Dolphins" (AP via ESPN) - "Quarterback David Garrard signed a one-year contract Monday with the Miami Dolphins and said he was told he'll be given a shot at the starting job. He's not sure yet who else will be part of the competition, though."