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Devil's Advocate: Trade For Tim Tebow

With Peyton Manning on his way to Denver, Tim Tebow is on the move.

His move needs to be to Cleveland. Before you automatically say no, take a second and read this. Go in with an open mind and see what you think afterwards.

After all, he beat the Steelers.

These are not my views per se, but the flip side of the coin.

1. We need a spark

This franchise needs some life.

One of the reasons we were all so excited about RG3, is because we wanted a reason to be excited (outside of the awesome QB). Tebow won't throw the ball like RG3, but he will be exciting. He will keep people in the seats and eyeballs on the screen. That is something we haven't been able to say in quite sometime.

Your not excited about a 3-12 Browns team going into the final week being led by Colt McCoy. Don't even pretend.

2. He's going to be cheap

The Broncos will need to be rid of Tebow. You can't have the worlds most popular QB playing the most popular position on the team. What's the harm in wasting a 4th or 5th round pick? I know H&H have been much better at drafting, but we are talking a late pick. For a guy who could help us at QB? Why is there any hesitation here?

We give up one of our 4th rounders, and we keep our top picks and we don't draft Ryan Tannehill. Win-win.

We are talking about a guy who won with an ancient Willis McGahee, Eric Decker and Demaryious Thomas! Thomas is good, but outside of that, yuck. Take Blackmon at 4, best WR available at 22 (let's say its Wright) and then the best RT in the 2nd. When the 3rd rolls around, we snatch up LaMicheal James. Let Tebow and James run the same read option-run game Denver did. James would kill teams on cutbacks. Tebow would be our new, and better, Hillis. Plus, just to keep teams honest, we catch them sleeping on Blackmon. Boom.

3. There is no downside other than wasting a 4th rounder

Let's say Tebow comes in here and straight sucks (very possible by the way). The Browns will still have plugged numerous holes, and be near the top of next years draft.

We will have used this draft to really attack the skill positions, setting up it very nicely for a rookie Quarterback the following season. Yes, I am talking about Matt Barkley.

Be honest, you don't think that Colt McCoy is good. If we had a game to win tomorrow, who are you taking? McCoy or the guy who beat the Steelers last season? I know it doesn't boil down that easily, but it plays a role. Guys will follow a winner. So what he does it ugly as sin? The last time the Browns beat the Steelers it was about as ugly as a win gets, but it was awesome.

We know that McCoy isn't the answer, and we know that Tebow probably isn't either. But isn't the reward worth the risk?

EDIT: This used to say "3rd rounder", but that was a mistake. My bad.

4. Tebow will raise the intensity of others

I didn't use to believe that a guy running around screaming could really be a good thing. Then I watched the Broncos-Dolphins last season.

The Dolphins gave up a TD late in the fourth to close the gap to 15-7. The Broncos had done nothing the entire game, and Tebow was garbage. But after the TD, Tebow was running around, pumping up his team mates. I thought to myself "What a jackass, this game is over".

Looks like I was the jackass.

Tebow and the Dolphins tied the game and won it in overtime. It was the first time that I watched that guy pull his team to victory. Sure other guys played major roles, but it was Tebow pushing them. Making them all believe. That counts for something. This is a game of emotion. Sure the "rah-rah" stuff can seem like a pain in the ass to us, but those team mates loved it, and they fed off of it.

5. We have the coaching staff for Tebow

Shurmur worked with McNabb. Childress worked with Tarvaris Jackson and McNabb.

Both of our offensive coaches have experience with a "run-first" Quarterback. Granted Tarvaris Jackson isn't a world beater by any means, but he was a 2nd round draft pick (many people thought he shouldn't have even been that high) and has been turned into a starting QB in the NFL. That's nothing to be ashamed of.

Mechanics can be taught. A five step drop is something that can be learned. I know his completion percentage is awful, but that is something that can be worked on. He threw a billion screens at Florida, let him throw some to Blackmon and James. The same way he threw them to Aaron Hernandez and Percy Harvin at UF.

We are talking about a guy who has thrown 271 passes in the NFL. Colt McCoy has thrown almost THREE times that amount. Kid was a project when he was drafted, he still needs work. Anyone think he won't put in the time?

Plus, we are mentioning something: Tebow is being passed over. He will have a chip on his shoulder to prove the doubters, and John Elway wrong. He already works his ass off now, imagine him with a grudge! He will learn the nuances of being a Quarterback, because we have one of the better QB coaching staffs in the NFL.

What can't be learned is being a leader. Being the guy that players know will make a play when it's needed.

How many times did you say "he can't do it again" to be proven wrong? I know myself it was easily five if not more. The guy makes plays. Imagine him with some coaching? John Fox is a defensive guy, yet he still was able to win with Tebow.


When you combine all the factors, it's an easy decision, Tim Tebow should be a Cleveland Brown as soon as the Broncos put out the for sale sign. Bring him in and let the best man win (and beat the Steelers!).