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Daily Dawg Chow (3/23/12)


Cleveland Browns:


  • "Elway, Tebow differ on whether quarterback chose Jets" (PFT) - "On Wednesday, multiple reports indicated that the Broncos were allowing quarterback Tim Tebow to choose between the Jets and the Jaguars. After the trade went down, Tebow claimed otherwise."
  • "Senate to hold hearing on bounties" (ESPN) - "The Senate wants to grill the NFL about bounties. And the NBA, NHL, NCAA and Major League Baseball are invited, too. Sen. Dick Durbin is setting up a Judiciary Committee hearing about bounties in professional football and other major sports in the wake of news that New Orleans Saints players received extra cash for hits that hurt particular opponents."
  • "Ced says farewell" ( - "When Cedric Benson saw the official word that former Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis had signed in Cincinnati, Benson tweeted a "thank you" to the fans Thursday afternoon that officially ended one of the more significant careers in Bengals history."
  • "Source: Saints continue to mull decisions on coaching staff" (AP via - Sean Payton's many motivational ploys included a life-size poster of an exit door on the locker room wall at Saints headquarters. It served as a not-so-subtle reminder that finding the way out of the organization was easy for those who failed to buy into his way."