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Hey Bengals, You Want Richardson?

A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends. - Baltasar Gracian

Remember this when you look at the Robert Griffin III trade. Sure the Rams and the Redskins were buddy-buddy. Good for them. We can make deals without being love with the other front office.

So, how can the Browns use one of their enemies to make good? Turn your attention to down I-71 and see the God-forsaken land of Cincin-tucky. Sure their fans maybe smarter than Raven fans (low bar) and much smarter than the mouth breathers from Pittsburgh (bar is literally on the floor at this point). But we can use our jean short wearing Ohio brethren. They need a RB. We can get them that RB. What do they have for us? Gold, Jerry. Gold.

Let's say that the Browns send the 4th pick overall and 119th pick (late 4rd round) to the Bengals. In return, the Browns would receive the 17th, 21st and 53rd selections.

That would mean that the Bengals would jump up and take Trent Richardson, adding him to Green and Dalton. Sure that is a nice trio, but what would the pay-off for the Browns be?

The Browns won't be getting an elite Quarterback (you can keep Ryan Tannehill), so we would now have 5 selections in the top 53 picks. Doesn't mean that we would have to take 5 players, we could send a second rounder somewhere for a first next season, or package some picks together and move up for a WR, the possibilities are endless.

Anyone else like the idea of a Micheal Floyd, Jonathan Martin and Nick Perry first round? Oh yeah, add in Lavonte David and Brandon Weeden in the second. Yes we miss out on Blackmon, but we add potentially 5 starters.

Of course we run the chance of handing the Bengals a guy that we will face twice a year. A guy we passed on. Dude could be pretty pissed off.

I don't care. He's a Running Back.

What do you think?