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Cleveland Browns Receive Four Additional Draft Picks

At the NFL owners meetings today, the compensatory picks for April's draft were revealed. If you don't know what that means, the league tries to award free draft picks to teams who lost more than they gained in the previous year of free agency. In this case, that means the 2011 season, when the Browns lost players like safety Abram Elam, cornerback Eric Wright, and others to free agency. In total, 32 compensatory picks were handed out by the league, and 4 of those went to the Cleveland Browns. Per the team's official web site:

The Browns were awarded the Nos. 35 and 36 picks (204 and 205 overall) in the sixth round, as well as the Nos. 38 and 40 (245 and 247) selections in the seventh round, as determined by the NFL Management Council.

That brings the team's total amount of draft picks to 13. You might think, "late round picks are pointless," but that's not the case if the Browns do their scouting correctly. In essence, the Browns were basically awarded four free waiver claims to players who otherwise might not have been drafted.

One note about compensatory picks: they can not be traded. Cleveland now has a draft pick in every round (they were previously without a sixth rounder). The full list of Cleveland's draft picks is after the jump.

Browns Picks in 2012 NFL Draft

First Round: No. 4 overall, No. 22 overall (from Atlanta as part of 2011 Draft day trade)
Second Round:
No. 5 (37 overall)
Third Round:
No. 4 (67 overall)
Fourth Round:
No. 5 (100 overall), No. 23 (118 overall) (from Atlanta as part of 2011 Draft day trade)
Fifth Round:
No. 4 (139 overall), No. 25 (160 overall) (from Denver as part of Brady Quinn trade)
Sixth Round:
No. 35 (204 overall) (compensatory selection), No. 36 (205 overall) (compensatory selection)
Seventh Round:
No. 4 (211 overall), No. 38 (245 overall) (compensatory selection), No. 40 (247 overall) (compensatory selection)