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Cabot: Browns to Meet With Tannehill, and Offensive Line Updates

Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer has been busy tweeting some interesting nuggets from the NFL owners meetings. A little bit earlier, we had an article highlighting her interview with head coach Pat Shurmur in which Shurmur gave a vote of confidence to quarterback Colt McCoy as the starter in 2012. Per Cabot, the Browns will also be bringing in quarterback Ryan Tannehill for a pre-draft visit. Tannehill is widely considered the third best quarterback in this year's class, and the fact that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are already "off the board" can only drive Tannehill's value up; anyone else who needs a quarterback, such as Miami, but grab him earlier than where Tannehill might originally be valued.

Cabot also had two tweets related to the offensive line: one regarding the vacant starting right tackle position, and the other about one of our former guards:

HC Shurmur indicated the will draft a right tackle that can start in 2012.

HC Pat Shurmur on G Eric Steinbach: "I think it's realistic that he could be back.''

Looking into my crystal ball, I'm optimistic about how things could turn out if the Browns execute this to perfection. With two of their top three picks, they could draft a new starting wide receiver and a new starting right tackle. They could also add a promising defensive player. If Steinbach can be brought back for an incentive-laden one-year deal, that would be great for the team's depth on the line too.