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Madden 2013 Cover Update: Did Joe Haden Advance?

Do we have to fear a season of the "Madden curse" after what happened to Peyton Hillis last year? Cleveland Browns fans were persistent in their voting for Hillis last year, but it appears as though they wanted nothing to do with a member of their team being on the cover again. In a first-round matchup this past week, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (79%) easily defeated Browns cornerback Joe Haden (21%).

Now, we can start discussing some of the second-round matchups that don't involve a member of the Browns. I was surprised to see that Tim Tebow didn't advance, but the power of Arian Foster was too much to handle.

With the way Calvin Johnson just destroyed Dwayne Bowe in round one, is Johnson the favorite to win? I think it'd be good to get a receiver on the cover, and there's no one better in today's game than Johnson. Vote here.