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Daily Dawg Chow (3/29/12)


Cleveland Browns:


  • "All turnovers to be reviewed" (ESPN) - "All turnovers will be reviewed from the booth with no coaches' challenges needed and overtime periods in the regular season will use the same scoring rules as the postseason after NFL owners voted to approve those proposals Wednesday. The replay official already reviews all scoring plays."
  • "Postseason OT adopted for regular season" (AP via Yahoo! Sports) - "Even though the NFL’s new rule for postseason overtime has never come into play, it’s being expanded for the regular season, too. NFL owners passed the playoff overtime rule for the regular schedule Wednesday. All games that go into overtime now cannot end on a field goal on the first possession."
  • "Bill Parcells says Saints gig possible" (ESPN) - "If the New Orleans Saints asked Bill Parcells to be interim head coach during Sean Payton's yearlong suspension, the 2011 Hall of Fame finalist says he would be a "hypocrite" if he didn't at least consider the possibility."
  • "Redskins, Rams still basking in glow of megadeal for No. 2 pick" ( - "Musings, observations and the occasional insight from the third and final day of the NFL's annual meeting at The Breakers hotel..."