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DBN All-Time Browns Bracket: Championship


Dawgs By Nature is holding a tournament throughout March to determine the greatest Cleveland Browns ever. It'll continue to be madness. The winners of each round will be chosen by you. We're calling it the DBN All-Time Browns Bracket.

This has been a fantastic showdown among the best, or even most awesome people ever to be associated with the historic football franchise known as the Cleveland Browns. We're finally down to only two. It's time to decide a winner. Only one will win the title: "DBN All-Time Browns Bracket Champion" aka The Greatest Cleveland Brown of All-Time (according to DBN).

We couldn't have asked for a better final matchup:

1. Jim Brown vs. 1. Paul Brown

In one corner, we have Pro Football Hall of Famer, nine-time Pro Bowler, eight-time first-team All-Pro, eight-time NFL rushing champion, three-time NFL MVP, three-time Pro Bowl MVP, a man who spent his entire 9-season career with the Cleveland Browns, including an NFL Championship in 1964, the greatest running back of all-time, Jim Brown.

In the other corner, we have Ohio-native, Pro Football Hall of Famer, the father of the modern offense, founder of the Cleveland Browns, head coach of the Cleveland Browns for 17 years, including 4 NFL Coach of the Year awards, 7 conference titles, 4 AAFC Championships, and 3 NFL Championships, the man this team was named after, Paul Brown.