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Mortensen: LB Scott Fujita Will Have to Deal With Bounty Investigation

In case you had not heard, the New Orleans Saints are in hot water for a "bounty program" that former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams implemented for the past three seasons, rewarding players for big hits and taking players out of a game with an injury. Williams' system allegedly began in 2009, which is also the final year that current Browns linebacker Scott Fujita played for them. According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Fujita will be "getting dragged into the NFL's bounty probe investigation."

Anyone who was involved in this program could face disciplinary action, whether that be a fine or a suspension. Fujita is an executive member of the NFL Players Association, so the fact that a bounty program was instituted while he was playing seems kind of surprising for a guy who often advocates player safety. That is not to say Fujita is a dirty player of anything of that nature, but it would seem that he was at least aware of the program (since he was a defensive leader), and that he went along with it (he could have shot it down, especially as an NFLPA representative).

Current Browns safety Usama Young could also end up being part of the investigation too. He played with the Saints up until 2010, meaning he would've been part of the program for two years.

Players have come to Williams' defense already, so we shouldn't assume Fujita or Young will be disciplined in any fashion. This will be a wait-and-see process, depending on what the league finds.