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PFT: Browns RB Peyton Hillis Going Back to First Agent

Come on, let's get this guy under contract again!
Come on, let's get this guy under contract again!

According to reports by Pro Football Talk, Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis will not have a fourth agent in the span of a year after all. Instead, he is simply going back to the person who first represented him, Jimmy Sexton.

Now, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Hillis plans to re-hire Jimmy Sexton, who has since joined CAA. Per the source, Ben Dogra of CAA also will be involved in the representation.

Since Hillis has an agent, we might see the two sides try to reach an agreement prior to next Tuesday's deadline. Cleveland might be at more of an advantage to sign Hillis in light of recent incidents. If the Browns really do have faith in Hillis, but other teams are weary of all of the "oddities" that surrounded him last season (and last week), then maybe he will just end up signing with Cleveland for a "hometown discount."