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Free Agency Forecast For The Browns

If you are anything like me, you have figured out a way to cram Mario Williams, Carl Nicks, Marques Colston and Vincent Jackson on to the Browns roster next season.

Of course you have. Instead of spending time with the wife and kids, or God forbid working, you are here on DBN looking for any bit of news foretelling the Browns off-season.

Anyways, back to my All-Pro plan, not that hard Heckert. I did it Madden in like 25 minutes.

Too bad this isn't Madden and we aren't the Eagles. Free Agency always starts off with massive plans of franchise DE's and WR's and finishing with Brandon Jackson and Usama Young. With all that being said, this is your chance to map out how you see free agency for the Browns. When the dust settles, we can all look back and see who did the best.

Browns off-season:

Surprise Cuts:

Benjamin Watson TE, Eric Steinbech OG, Seneca Wallace QB (if we get RG3)

Free Agent Signings:

QB: Browns don't bring in a FA QB, but add one through the draft

RB: Browns let Peyton Hillis walk, and replace him through the draft. I think the coaching staff likes Brandon Jackson more than we know, and trust Montario Hardesty and Rookie X to fill Hillis' shoes.

WR: Browns will make a move, but it won't be for a top flight guy. The FO likes Little and Norwood, plus I think they have some guys targeted in the draft.

Donnie Avery (TEN) No, he didn't play under Shurmur in '10, but he has one thing that the Browns need: Speed. When you add in two other things that he is, cheap and young, he is a nice low risk signing. Granted he didn't make much noise last year in Tennessee (3 catches for 45 yards and 1 TD), but he joined the team mid-season and was behind the eight ball named a Jake-Locker-thrown-pass. Plus, always remember, ACL rehab takes two years. Next season will be two full seasons for Avery.

Mark Clayton (STL) Now this guy played for Shrmur, and he actually played okay in the limited time. In 5 games under Shurmur he had 23 catches for 306 yards and 2 TD's. Last year he injured his knee with a torn patella and was put on IR after week 5. He will be 30 years old at the start of the season, but could be a nice veteran presence, that should know the offense, on a team that could be leaning on young WR's. Plus, he should be cheap.

TE: As you saw earlier, I think Ben Watson finds himself out of a job, and the Browns will look to the Free Agent market to the position with Jordan Cameron and Evan Moore.

Martellus Bennett (DAL) Largely viewed as a bust, and probably rightfully so, no one has ever questioned Bennett's talent, remember this is a guy that Heckert saw twice a season in Philly. This is the kind of kid you gamble on in free agency, huge upside, young and moderately cheap. Bennett turns 25 on Saturday (Happy Birthday Martellus, from DBN!). We have a kid with talent, youth and has appeared in 60 games in his career. I actually could see Bennett coming in as a starter, with Cameron and Moore being used in match-ups. Love, love, love this signing.

OL: I think the Browns part ways with Steinbech, not because they want to, but they can't trust his back at that price. Could definitely see him coming back for reduced price, but I am going off the assumption he is let go. I also think the Browns add a offensive lineman or two through the draft, mid to late rounds.

Steve Hutchinson (MIN) Hutchinson has a long history with Mike Holmgren, and is well on his way to Canton as one of the best Guards of all time. His season was cut short last season because of concussions, and will be let go by the Vikes because of a high cap number. The Vikings loss will be the Browns' gain. Hutch will give the Browns a veteran presence on the right side where he will be able to help out a young RT, or pick up the pieces of a broken Pashos. If he ends up getting hurt, then we are back to the guard situation we had this season with Luavao and Pinkston. We'll live.

Anthony Collins (CIN) Collins has been buried on the Bengals depth chart, but don't be fooled. Collins has some game, and would easily slide in on the right side of the Browns offensive line and serve the Browns well. He has started 16 games and will be 26 years old at the start of the season. He has great size (6'5 315lbs.) and has the upside we are looking for. Plus, we screw the Bengals. Sweet.

DL: I know I wrote the piece about Mario Williams to the Browns, but it's not gonna happen. I think the Browns would have been interested in Avril, but obviously that window closed. Thanks a lot Lions. I think the Browns will look for a starter at DE in the draft if they don't go after RG3, but if one drops in Heckert's lap late, he will jump.

Juqua Parker (PHI) And we have our first dip into the Eagles talent pool. I almost went Victor Abiamiri here, but with Parker's production and Abiamiri's injury history, this just seems like a better fit. Parker won't jump off the page, but he will give the Browns solid production from the opposite side of Jabaal Sheard, something that Hall of Fame DE Jayme Mitchell failed to do at times last season. Parker would be nothing more than a season or two filler while the Browns groomed a younger replacement (possibly in this draft).

Trevor Laws (PHI) Seems almost too easy, but I did it again. Just like Parker, Laws isn't a flashy player, but he would allow Rubin and Taylor to take some plays off. I like Schafering, but we need more depth at the position. I almost went Broderick Bunkley here, but obviously there was some disconnect last season between us and him, so no big deal. Laws will be 27 at the start of the season and will be a great addition to the DL.

LB: This is a position in which I think the FO likes who they have, but could be looking to add some speed on the outside. I can see the Browns picking one in the draft, but will stay out of the FA market at LB.

CB: Another position in which I think the Browns are happy with, assuming they re-sign Dimitri Patterson. I think the coaching staff likes the young guys (Buster Skrine and Derrick Dockery), adding that to the 3 guys they have in front of them (Joe Haden, Sheldon Brown and Patterson) that gives the Browns some good depth, and most are young.

S: Again I expect the Browns to bring back their own guys. I think Mike Adams sticks around for another season and gives Usama Young a run for his money at the FS spot. Don't be surprised to see the Browns take a Safety in the draft, but this position is fugly in this draft. Could be at the top of the to-do list next off-season.

Draft outlook: Browns enter 2012 draft with 10 selections, assuming the Browns don't have to send Minnesota a pick for Jayme Mitchell (should be a first rounder if you ask me). I assume the Browns send both firsts, the fourth rounder from Atlanta this year, and a 3rd rounder next year to move up to the 2nd selection.

Browns leave the 2012 NFL draft with: 1 QB // 1 RB // 1 WR // 2 OL // 2 DL // 1 LB

So here is the challenge, make your picks and explain why.

Here is a template to copy and paste:

Surprise cuts:

Free Agent Signings: