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King: No One Knows What the Browns Are Doing at No. 4

We've seen the different headlines many times over the past couple of weeks: one day sources say the Cleveland Browns are interested in Justin Blackmon, and the next day it'll be either Trent Richardson or Ryan Tannehill. The truth is that it seems like they could go a bunch of other directions too. According to Sports Illustrated's Peter King, it's not just "fans" or analysts who are having a tough time projecting what Cleveland will do.

Considering the Browns were not able to acquire the No. 2 overall pick last month, Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert have to enjoy the position they are in. The element of surprise surrounding the Browns could set up a good scenario for a trade, or they can sit back, listen to who other teams are interested in, and use that to their advantage in projecting who will be available at the No. 22 pick.