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'High-level source' says Eagles unlikely to trade up to No. 4 pick

Are the Eagles interested in the Browns' No. 4 pick?
Are the Eagles interested in the Browns' No. 4 pick?

This past weekend was packed full of draft speculation surrounding what the Browns might do with the No. 4 pick. Well, some of them are already being dismissed.

Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain Dealer reported that the Rams and Eagles were among four teams that were interested in trading up to the Browns' No. 4 pick. Then Mike Florio seemingly suggested that the Browns themselves might be releasing misinformation to advance their own agenda, which is reasonable as teams deploy more and more smokescreens with the draft drawing closer.

Furthermore, Reuben Frank of cited a "high-level team source" as saying the trade report with the Eagles and Browns was "just another draft rumor" and that there's little chance the Eagles will trade up to the No. 4 pick.

The Eagles source said the team has spoken several times about numerous eventualities with the Browns as well as virtually every other team above and below them in the first round but said there isn’t a likely scenario that would have the Eagles moving up 11 spots in the first round into the No. 4 spot.

What do we make of all of this? There's not much to make. As I mentioned before, I think Florio's suggestion regarding the sources for the original report about other teams' interest in the No. 4 pick is a reasonable one. By that same token, one could make the claim that the Eagles' source isn't being entirely honest as well.

For a team to be completely, 100 percent honest at this time in April would be a bad football decision. We should view the fact that we can't foresee what the Browns are going to do as a good thing right now.

Even Peter King, who said he talked to seven "highly trustworthy NFL people," also said that no one knows what the Browns are doing with the No. 4 pick.