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Olympics to Impact the Preseason Locally; Browns Face Eagles Twice at Home

The preseason is still four months away, but for those of you who watch games in Northeast Ohio, you won't be seeing the first one on WKYC (Channel 3) like you usually do. According to ESPN's Tony Grossi, a scheduling conflict came about due to the network's coverage of the Olympics this year. On August 11, the network would have had the Olympics and the Browns' first preseason game airing at the same time. As a result, the game will be shifted to a competing network, with WKYC still producing it, presumably. Grossi elaborates on how it causes WKYC to get the shaft:

WKYC, which is contractually obligated to produce the broadcast, had to offer the game to a competing station. It worked out an agreement to air it on WOIO Channel 19. Now, the first preseason game historically draws the biggest audience because fans are so eager to get their first look at the new Browns team. The kicker to WKYC is that the Browns exhibition game on Channel 19 likely will dwarf the ratings garnered by the Olympics on that night.

Cleveland takes on the Detroit Lions on the road in that game. On another note related to the schedule, I just recognized something a bit unusual about the schedule. In the third and "most important" preseason game, the Eagles come to Cleveland. That is on August 24. Two weeks later, on September 9, guess who comes to Cleveland for the regular season opener? Philadelphia, again. We might not see either team "pull out all the stops" in that third preseason game after all.