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No Excuses from Cribbs After a Speeding Citation

An officer stops Cribbs on the highway. (Use your imagination)
An officer stops Cribbs on the highway. (Use your imagination)

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Joshua Cribbs put up a fight last offseason when he received a parking ticket in Cleveland Heights, but that was when the NFL Lockout was in full gear and there really wasn't anything better to do. This offseason, albeit a different violation, Cribbs is not going to make any excuses about driving 103 mph in a 60 mph zone on Interstate 71.

"Yes I was pulled over for speeding, going too fast, luckily the police were on the job," stated Cribbs on his Twitter account. "Wasn't going that fast the entire time obviously but wrong is wrong, gotta face the music just like anyone else. Much respect to the police officers who pulled me over! I will lead better on the road now as well as on & off the field!!!"

You usually don't want to paint a positive picture when an athlete breaks the law, but what the heck -- at least Cribbs owned up to it, probably completely unlike what a handful of other athletes would do.

Hat tip to Brownsbacker488 for originally posting about this as a FanShot.