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McManamon's Interview With Former Browns QB Tim Couch

Kudos to FOX Sports Ohio's Patrick McManamon for the interview with former Cleveland Browns quarterback Tim Couch that he just posted. We all know the deal with Couch, and I believe I've made my opinion about him known in the past: he played much better than he was given credit for. Although you could classify him as a "bust" for not being an elite quarterback as a No. 1 overall pick, he's not a bust in my book; that title belongs to someone like JaMarcus Russell.

Couch talked a variety of topics in the interview, including how he really did want to come to Cleveland and still appreciates the fans, the intense workout that Chris Palmer put him through prior to drafting him, the relationship between he and Butch Davis, and all of the injuries he suffered that held him back. Here's is a sample nugget about the animosity he has to have toward Davis:

"Kelly’s still a good friend," Couch said. "Everything that happened in Cleveland, none of it was personal between he and I. Butch was the one jerking both of us around. We were just frustrated."


Late in his last season in Cleveland, then-coach Butch Davis called him into his office and told Couch he was the quarterback for the future, that he could lead the Browns to the playoffs. "Next thing I know they’re signing Jeff Garcia to a $25 million contract," Couch said.

Ah, the memories. Looking at the team then, compared to the number of core players in place now, the faithful optimist should continue to believe that the Browns are headed in the right direction (something that Tom Heckert and company must continue working toward this draft weekend).