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Charlie Casserly's Final Mock Draft: DeCastro Falls to Cleveland

NFL Network analyst/insider/former Texans general manager Charlie Casserly released his fifth and final mock draft on Tuesday. Scanning through his assessments, Casserly's mock draft seemed to contain a lot of picks that made sense. As we all know, though, when someone makes a mock draft that fits everyone's needs, it never comes true due to all of the trade scenarios and "what the ___" moments that take place.

In addition to selecting Trent Richardson at No. 4 overall and David DeCastro at No. 22 overall for the Cleveland Browns, Casserly projected three subplots that will play a heavy role in the first round:

1. Pass rushers will be the highlight of the first round.
2. Look for Mark Barron to be the story between pick Nos. 10-20 as teams jockey to get the Alabama safety.
3. Another Crimson Tide product, linebacker Dont'a Hightower, will be the focus of the 20s as a trade target.

Regarding the pick at No. 4, Casserly said, "Justin Blackmon is tempting, but there are more quality receivers later in the draft than running backs." For pick No. 22, his reasoning for DeCastro was, "Too good a player to leave on the board at this point. Could Brandon Weeden be Cleveland's next pick at No. 37 overall?"