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NFL Draft rumor: Holtzman reports Browns down to Richardson and Claiborne, Blackmon out

Trent Richardson in, Justin Blackmon out for the Browns?
Trent Richardson in, Justin Blackmon out for the Browns?

Ready for all the NFL Draft rumors to end? Well, we've got one more for you on this draft day morning.

Evan Silva of NBC Sports and has said via twitter that ESPN's Bob Holtzman is reporting that the Cleveland Browns have narrowed the choice at the No. 4 pick to Alabama running back Trent Richardson and LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne.

He also noted that the Browns have ruled out Oklahoma St. wide receiver Justin Blackmon.

Of course, this rumor is just about as valid as any of the other rumors that have been floating around the past few days. I have taken these sort of draft reports with a grain of salt for a while now, and I'm not going to start trusting them now. It might be true, and it very well may not be. Don't worry folks, it'll all be decided in a matter of hours.

Hat tip to WheeltownBrownz for pointing out the tweet in the comments.

UPDATE after the jump.

Bob Holtzman, who's in Berea, appeared on ESPN and WKNR 850 to clarify the reports. He made it clear that it's just his belief that the Browns have it narrowed down to Richardson and Claiborne. He also reported that he doesn't expect the Browns to trade down, if not just because the front office doesn't think the fans will put up with it for another year. He did say that he wouldn't be surprised to see the Browns move up a few spots at No. 22 or No. 37, utilizing our later round picks to do so.