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NFL Draft: Browns trade up to No. 3, swap first rounders with Vikings

Did the Cleveland Browns trade up for Trent Richardson?
Did the Cleveland Browns trade up for Trent Richardson?

The first trade of the first day of the NFL draft has been made. The Cleveland Browns have traded up with the Minnesota Vikings for the No. 3 overall pick. The Browns will swap first round picks with the Vikings, No. 3 for No. 4, and give up forth, fifth and seventh round picks. Reports are saying that the Browns made this move out of fear that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were targeting the same prospect and were also willing to move up. Most analysts think that this prospect is Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

Cleveland Browns receive:

  • No. 3 overall

Minnesota Vikings receive:

  • No. 4 overall
  • Fourth round pick (No. 118 overall)
  • Fifth round pick (No. 139 overall)
  • Seventh round pick (No. 211 overall)
The Browns still have the following picks, including the new pick: 3, 22, 37, 67, 100, 160, 204, 205, 245, 247.