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2012 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Draft QB Brandon Weeden at No. 22

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Right when it looked like everything was falling perfectly into place for the Cleveland Browns to land the second best offensive tackle on the board, the Browns selected... Oklahoma St. quarterback Brandon Weeden. Weeden joins the Browns' No. 3 selection, Trent Richardson, with the obvious hopes to shore up the struggling offense.

The most obvious glaring concern about Brandon Weeden coming out of college was his age, at 28-years-old. The biggest question is now, will he beat out incumbent Browns QB Colt McCoy? I understand this isn't a pick many of us at DBN were predicting, but a few analysts and writers had been pushing the idea over the past few days.

I said several weeks ago, if the Browns decide to draft a quarterback, most especially in the first round, that I'll be fine with the decision because it'll mean that our front office thinks he is our franchise guy. While I definitely didn't expect it with prospects like Iowa OT Riley Reiff still on the board, that's still the case. Brandon Weeden needs to out perform Colt McCoy and he needs to be our franchise quarterback, despite his age. We are all well aware of this franchise's history with QB controversies. We don't want another one.

So, what do you think of the pick? Does it buy more time for the current regime or make you any less satisfied?