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Cleveland Browns 2012 NFL Draft Day 3 - Open Thread

It is Day 3 of the 2012 NFL Draft, and fans will undoubtedly be wondering when the Cleveland Browns will be drafting a wide receiver today. Will it be at the start of the day in round four, or later on? Cleveland had the following seven draft picks available heading into Saturday:

Round 4: No. 100 (5th in round), No. 120 (25th in round)
Round 5: No. 160 (25th in round)
Round 6: No. 204 (34th in round), No. 205 (35th in round)
Round 7: No. 245 (38th in round), No. 247 (40th in round)

The draft begins at 12:00 PM EST today and will feature rounds 4-7. Teams will have a maximum of five minutes to make their selections the rest of the way. There are hardly any players remaining on our community big board or draft tracker. Here is a link you can use, though: Mocking the Draft's Best Available Players Heading Into Day 3.

There are a couple of tight ends and wide receivers there that the Browns might be interested in. They will inevitably have to address a lot of other positions, though, so they could really go in one of many directions. Use this as your open thread to discuss all of the Day 3 happenings related to the Browns and the draft!